Video surveillance


Video surveillance system

Video surveillance system (CCTV) is software & hardware (cameras, lenses, monitors, recorders and other equipment) engineering system intended for video surveillance organization as for local as for geographically remote sites. System can be maximally adapted to any customer requirements in order to match the specifics premises or security demands. Systems can be installed for different purposes: as counteraction to thieves, the review for safety purpose, information reception, certain area documenting, explicit data analysis, etc.

The advantage of video surveillance systems comparing with other security systems is their high information content (90 % of all information about the world man receives via organ of vision). Check the correct operation of security systems, exclude false alarm signal (security, fire, perimeter, anti-theft, car security systems) can be executed remotely – via video system. And very important – prevent accident, finding out a dangerous movement close by protected zone, deciphering a possible threat to the screen of the monitor. This is especially necessary for remote unmanned objects.

Analog systems are popular still on small objects, which use analog CCTV cameras and digital recording devices – video recorders (DVR). Analog CCTV systems attract customers because of low cost, simplicity of operation and maintenance, but the future belong to digital systems.

Built on an IP-based cameras and digital recorders, or IP- video servers, have advantages over analog, digital video surveillance system have advantages over analog: high resolution image and quality, the possibility to transmit video and power over a single cable using PoE (Power Over Ethernet) technology, function of PTZ camera without laying additional management cable, the possible to create complicated systems with unlimited number of cameras and with remotely located video archives and other.

Intelligent video surveillance

Facial recognition systems and number plate recognition:

  • objects recognition (faces, number plate, abandoned objects detection, potential dangerous objects and other factors )
  • registration of violations of the order,
  • database integration of photos, identikit, license plates to identify terrorists, criminals, delinquents.

Number plate recognition system makes possible to create an integrated system to monitor events in the warehouse, to keep records on number plates, vehicle weight, date and time of arrival and departure from the warehouse, to record video information files, and create reports and export various events.

By means of such a system law enforcement agencies can solve the problems of security on a new level and always respond quickly and take appropriate action.

Video analytics for retail

Intelligent video surveillance systems, offered by our company, allow to gain good understanding of consumer behavior, and to find answers to the following questions:

  • what is the coefficient of conversion,
  • at what place in the store do buyers spend the most of their time, • which shelves with the products and promotions attract the majority of customers,
  • what is the efficiency coefficient of defined malls and butt stands,
  • at what time is the largest quantity of buyers in the store,
  • when is the longest queues formed in store,
  • how to make the best employee work shedule.

Such an analysis will help to increase the effectiveness of merchandising, improve planning of sales areas and organize the work of the staff.