CommScope Announces Changes in the design of optical shelves SYSTIMAX 360 ™ 360G2.

Administrators ofstorage area networks (SAN), IT professionals and data center managers have to work hard. Based on the reviews of their products, as well as conducting a survey of IT professionals around the world, CommScope has found that among the priorities of the data centers there are – increasing energy efficiency, lower operating costs, reduced space for switching zones and minimizing installation time.
With the continuous growth of requirements for data center professionals need to use the most effective technical products to solve the mentioned problems.

CommScope is developing new solutions and improveing existing ones.

Optical shelves SYSTIMAX 360G2 also have been upgraded:

  • Improved fasteners of transparent front panel
  • Increased angle, which opens: front transparent panel – up to 120 °, improving access to direct to the operation panel
  • Improved retention mechanism of patch cords
  • The new design makes it more convenient to organize the installation / uninstallation of modules
  • Marking set for the front flap, now supplied

Made changes significantly improved usability of SYSTIMAX 360G2 shelves, and had a positive impact on the attractiveness for end customers.

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