Solutions of Romsat allow the companies to use more effectively the IT resources, to become more flexible, dynamic, and respectively competitive.

  • Data storage systems
  • Virtualization of IT-infrastructure
  • Software design
  • Domain infrastructure
  • Workstation management solutions

Data storage system

Today, there is a necessity for the information storage systems with a high requirement to reliability of the storage, speed of the access and storage capacity according to the constant growing of the information volume.

The Romsat offers the services for the construction and introduction of the data storage systems based on Netapp, EMC, IBM, HP and Symantec equipment and software.

The data storage system consists of the following components:

  • data storage devices (disk files and tape libraries);
  • infrastructure of servers’ access to data storage devices;
  • reserve copy and archiving data system;
  • software for data storage;
  • management system.

Romsat company offers data storage systems solutions for the large, small and medium business.

Virtualization of IT-infrastructure

Virtualization allows you to increase the efficiency of the IT- infrastructure components, reducing the number of computers, computing resources by combining IT- infrastructure. Virtualization ensures decrease in expenses on IT infrastructure, including expenses on program and hardware.

Romsat company offers the following directions of virtualization:

  • virtualization personal computers;
  • server virtualization;
  • virtualization and application delivery;
  • audit of the existing virtual system;
  • backup of data of the virtual and physical environment.