Access control


Access control system

Access control system is an integral part of the integrated security systems. System allows limit, regulate, order access to various premises, thus recording the information about any object moving for its subsequent use. Such systems application allows obtaining information about total number of the people on object, everybody’s location and also may help with employees’ time-keeping.

The system is a set of hardware and software components that provide automatic access control and staff working time accounting for a wide range of objects from small offices to large enterprises.

Management of controllers and actuators is possible from several computer workstations, combined by local area network of the company. Big variety of actuators are using for access control: the turnstiles (for walk-through), electromagnetic locks and latches (door interior, gates and drive gates). There is a plastic contactless proximity cards (125 kHz), Mifare contactless smart card (13 MHz), as well as cards with magnetic stripe or barcode for access.

The system provides following possibilities:

  • Access card reading, comparison data with information in system memory, open actuator in case of assess right confirmation;
  • Actuator opening prohibition in case unregistered access card reading;
  • Automatic forming of reset signal for an executive device at the absence of passing case;
  • Management of the actuators at points of access from operator commands;
  • Manual, semiautomatic or automatic opening of the actuators in emergency situations like fire or technical problems;
  • Easy control mode activation possibility in case of emergencies;
  • Alarm signal switching on in case of unauthorized intrusion;
  • Automatic reports of access provision;
  • Possibility of report forming based on calculation of real employees working hours;
  • Automatic maintaining passes discipline by means of repeated passes prohibition for different categories of permit system (permanent or temporary – for employees, one-off – for visitors);
  • Setting and editing of access rights, both for separate passes, and groups of passes;
  • Controllers functioning provision for periods of time when communication with server is absent.

There are various configurations of access control systems: the most simple of them for one door and the most difficult are intended for access control at the large enterprises, factories, banks etc.

Biometric access control system

Access control systems with biometric identification technology are recommended for very important premises, and make possible to identify the person with high efficiency by means of:

  • fingerprint,
  • facial image,
  • iris.

Biometric access control system allows to:

  • effectively delimit access to employees and guests on territory,
  • considerably reduce the risk of leakage of confidential information and unauthorized access.

Automated parking

With automated parking equipment visitor can get high level of service with maximum comfort and safety for their cars. The system includes: entry and exit racks, turnpikes, operators workplace on computer basis, the automated payment terminals and accessories.

The economic effect from implementation of the system is achieved through:

  • increased revenue collection;
  • increased the capacity of vehicles by automating the processes of entry and exit;
  • reduced quantity of the staff.

The automated parking system can be integrated with video surveillance system and recognize the license plates of cars.