Audio & Video


Modern audiovisual complex (АVC) is quite complicated system that demands professional methods of designing and installation with using specialized equipment and frequently uncommon technical solutions.

Standard configuration of audiovisual complex does not exist; it is strongly dependent on the requirements and specific conditions of the room, wishes and preferences of the Customers.

We develop and realize solutions for audiovisual complexes of various complexity and assignment, such as:

  • Negotiation and presentation rooms, offices for video conference sessions;
  • Conference halls, including multifunction;
  • Educational audiences;
  • The dispatching and situational centers;
  • The airports, stations, shopping centers;
  • Concert halls;
  • Entertaining institutions.

Typical AVC for a meeting room or a conference hall, intended for carrying out presentations and video conference sessions, consists of several subsystems: video displays, sound amplification, a video conference, audio/video switching and management subsystem. A wall projector screen or LCD panel, simple sound amplification, video conferencing terminal, copy-boards is enough for a small meeting room. The powerful projector with a motorized screen control, sound amplification audio conferencing system (possible with the functions of voting and synchronic translation), multiple video cameras with video codec, integrated control system is required for a conference room. Sometimes the Customers requirements include automated curtain windows, hidden ceiling projectors with elevator system, wireless touch panels, special document cameras, etc. Multifunctional conference hall is usually additionally equipped with Dolby Surround sound system, specified sound or lighting equipment.

Basis АVC for educational audience is usually include the interactive display system. System is providing to teacher the additional means of work with audience (polls, testing etc.) and also gives him exclusive possibilities to present teaching materials. There are also special decisions, such as the hardware-software multimedia training complex focused on schools and other educational institutions.

AVC for dispatching or situational centers based on multiscreen display system (so called video wall), and specialized software. The complex usually consists of various communication systems, including videoconferencing, hardware audio / video recording (logging). The Technical solutions have to guaranty high reliability and stable work of equipment during long time.

For airports, railway stations and shopping centers AVC usually consists of two subsystems:

  • Sound broadcast subsystem for voice or background music transmission,
  • Video broadcasting subsystem for textual information or advertisement transmission.

Special technical solutions are applied due to the large areas of such objects. AVC should include possibilities for broadcast audio and video distribution for multiscreen systems whereas signal transmission over long distances. Equipment should be designed for the round-the-clock work.

Cinema or concert hall audio video complex designed for film shows or concert events, so it is based on a powerful video projection system with a theatrical Dolby Surround acoustics, concert sound reinforcement systems, specific lighting equipment, curtain system and other mechanics for the scene.

For entertainment such as clubs, cafes, bars or discos the main parts of AVC are musical sound reinforcement and staging system, disco lights, DJ equipment and video systems to display video clips or broadcast channels.

Our company uses in their projects a wide range of audio/video equipment with key characteristics like high performance and reliability, sufficient functionality, as well as good price for end customer.

Applied equipment:

  • Panasonic, Sanyo multimedia projectors;
  • Draper, Projecta projective screens;
  • Bosch, Taiden, Beyerdynamic conference systems;
  • Polycom, Tandberg AVC equipment;
  • Smart Technologies, TDS Promethean interactive systems;
  • Kramer, Extron, Shulte video/audio switches;
  • DBX, AKG, Shure, Work, Apart, JBL, KEF, Soundcraft, Neva-audio sound equipment;
  • Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, Clarity plasma and plasma panels;
  • AMX integrated control systems.

Experts of our company (if necessary with the assistance of partner companies) perform all kinds of work including engineering design of AVC solutions, delivery the full range of equipment, installation, commissioning works and personnel training services.

Our projects are based on innovative technical solutions and the modern hi-tech equipment from leading world manufacturers.