There is a reasonable proposal to combine all different security facilities into single integrated system. This approach would help to solve the basic problem of large objects and get centralized control for all security systems. That solution allows the operator to see the real current operation status of whole systems and subsystems. This also allows the operator to make a correct decision taking into account obtained data.

We can propose a solution in scope of the one integrated security system with combining following subsystems:

  • The Security alarm system;
  • The Access control system;
  • The Video surveillance system (video observation inside/outside of the building);
  • The Automated car-parking system;
  • The Fire alarm system.

Our solution for access control system and security alarm system based on the APOLLO equipment. The APOLLO (USA) keeps one of the leading positions in the world market among of the equipment manufacturers for access control and security alarm systems.

The main strength of the APOLLO equipment is a balanced combination of the highest technological features such as: flexibility, reliability, skilled technical support, availability of Lyrix software and reasonable prices. In addition there is a possibility to create the integrated systems working in symbiosis with each other. There is a possibility of creation the uniform system based on AAN-100 network controller and specialized software which carry out access control, management of entrances/departures on territory of a complex, security alarm system and functions of video observation system.

The reliability of the APOLLO equipment based on a modern element base using, and serious input/ output quality control. All equipment passes through the obligatory 72-hours running tests in a heat chamber.

Initially developed for the military facilities application APOLLO equipment complies with high requirements of military acceptance and corresponds to following standards:

  • The Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL 294, UL 1076 Certificates);
  • The European Community;
  • The Rostest.