Data Centers & Server rooms


Romsat company has the necessary competence to perform the complete project cycle from design to creation of server rooms and data centers, including the supply and adjustment of software and hardware, maintenance of server rooms and data centers.

Data Center

Data Processing Center (DPC or Data Center) – a large-scale complex of software and hardware, equipped with engineering systems to ensure fail-safe operation of IT-infrastructure.

The main purpose of Data Center:

  • the physical placement of IT- equipment, including storage systems, servers and active and passive equipment,
  • ensuring work of IT- equipment in the case of power supply failure from the main sources
  • protection of information and protection of IT- equipment from electromagnetic radiation and interference, providing climatic conditions for equipment.

Correctly designed Data Center makes possible to carry out infrastructure building without interruption of work of the equipment, besides it’s necessary to ensure stable work of the equipment at critical loadings, and also to provide sufficient failure-safe functionality. Level of reliability of Data Center has to satisfy the requirements of international TIA 942 standards. Term of warranty service of all systems and subsystems of Data Center must be at least 36 months.

One of the main requirements to Data Center is an existence of two separate power supply systems in which each system has N+1 reservation, and also diesel-generator installation in the case of emergencies on the city power supply network. Concerning power supply systems, world leading producers are APC, Schneider Electric, Emerson, Legrand, Schroff, Rittal, and the most reliable diesel generators at Cummins, FG Wilson, Caterpillar.

The general requirements for Data Center are:

  • limit of power supply (not less than 300 kW),
  • explosive mixes on object are absent, category of fire and explosion danger according to NAPB B.07005-86 V,
  • temperature in +18 C … +24 C,
  • relative humidity of air at 24 C from 40 to 60%,
  • along the perimeter must be the fundamental walls,
  • availability of spare (fire) input-output doors with resistance class RS-II of the GATS 78.11.007-2002,
  • improvement fire resistance (up to 60 minutes),
  • systems of centralized power (switchboard) and uninterruptible power supply must be placed in separate rooms.

Компания РОМСАТ имеет необходимую компетенцию для выполнения полного цикла работ  от проектирования до построения серверных комнат и  ЦОД, включая поставку и пуско-наладочные работы программно-аппаратных средств, сервисное обслуживание серверных комнат и ЦОД.

Engineering infrastructure of Data Center

Automatic gas fire extinguishing of Data Center is used to detect a fire in its early stages and alert staff, also the alarm is transmitted to fire monitoring center. In addition gas removal system has to be installed.

The air conditioning system of Data Center is most effective when the Data Center is built according scheme “cold – hot” corridor with control via the remote display. This solution satisfy the required climatic conditions in the room. Emerson company is a world leader in the production of air conditioning equipment.

Data Center structured cabling system (SCS Data Center) should be performed in accordance with international standards of cable telecommunications office buildings – ISO / EIA 11801 Ed.2000, TIA/EIA-568-B, ISO / IEC 18010 , EIA/TIA-569 and provide a reservation level 2N.

Telecommunications grounding system SCS must also comply with the relevant international standards and requirements for the active suppliers of equipment, among which are Panduit, Watson Telecom.

Data Center must also be fitted out with a centralized monitoring system of engineering infrastructure and environmental control in the Data Center rooms.

The engineering infrastructure of Data Center has to provide:

  • physical safety of the equipment and information,
  • round-the-clock operability of the equipment,
  • performance of service works without interruption of work of the equipment,
  • compliance with the climatic conditions,
  • access control of the personnel to the equipment,
  • scalability of Data Center infrastructure.

Server room

Nowadays, no one company can exist without a server room . Server room is a room that combines telecommunications main routes/ There is located telecommunication and server hardware (servers, switches scale companies disk arrays , PBX , etc.). To organize server room , it must be fulfilled a requirements for space, ceiling height, temperature, humidity, etc., because of location of equipment with high requirements for operation and security.