Telephony & VCS


IP-telephony (VoIP)

Wee offer the Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent equipment for the construction and implementation of the corporate based on IP-telephony solutions systems. Today the voice technologies are using IP protocols and becoming more and more popular. The low cost per minute of conversation and use of global data networks make this service more popular and attractive.

The Advantages of IP-telephony:

  • Relatively low cost for a minute of conversation;
  • The organization of free enterprise telephony for companies with distributed structure of their branches in the regions or other countries;
  • Solution Integration for video calls, messaging, data and corporate address book;
  • The Auto secretary function;
  • The Organization of the conferences;
  • The Regardless of location;
  • The Call forwarding, automatic redial, caller ID;
  • The Routing calls to operators, taking into account the minimum cost of a call;
  • The Integration with popular services like GoogleVoice, Skype, etc.;
  • The Possibility of using the IP-phones based on hardware or software solutions;
  • The Cost reduction for long-distance or international calls;
  • The Communication quality increasing in comparison with analogue telephony solutions;
  • The Possibilities of integration with DECT devices.


The designing, construction and support of our video conference systems based on the Tandberg, Polycom and Orics equipment.

The videoconferencing is effective modern communication solution designed to organize the teamwork of employees having the distributed structure of branches and representative offices around the world.

The videoconferencing does not depend on the location of the conference participants. The solution works on IP data transmission protocol. The conferencing side needs only access to network and corresponding bandwidth providing by telecommunication companies.

The main purpose of video conference system is providing conditions for possibilities to take the quick management decisions. The main videoconferencing systems scope of use is:

  • Carrying out meetings with remote participants;
  • The performances with the report, negotiating, new information, reading training lectures;
  • Management decision making support;
  • Possibility to work remotely with documents, files, schemes, images, video data, etc.;
  • The Simplification of the administrative decisions distribution;
  • The Simplification of experts knowledge and experience distribution;
  • The Simplification of Human Resources department work;
  • Carrying out explanatory-indicative reports with electronic documents using.

The scope of VCS using is as broad as communication in normal human life.

The modern voice transfer technologies guarantee a qualitative data transfer of audio announcements or video pictures. The HD format allows creating an effect of a presence during the conference.