There are a lot of different concepts for building systems, but the building management and control of engineering structures were discussed many times in recent years. The terms like «the Intellectual building», «Clever house», «Integrated solution» and «Energy-saving systems» are more often used now. Whether it’s a private cottage or a high-rise building, an underground parking or a shopping center, a school or a kindergarten for all such facilities necessity are:

  • safety and energy efficiency;
  • minimizing costs and fast return on investment;
  • simplicity of administration;
  • high speed of administrative decisions.

In order to satisfy your requirements for buildings dispatching systems and engineering constructions management our company offers services for realization of such kind of projects. Each object has its own characteristics and often requires non-standard approach. To implement the tasks we’re relying on Schneider Electric modern solutions. Our company is a Schneider Electric registered partner and certified installer. We often use in our projects the “Series TAC Xenta” programmable controllers.

The main advantages of programmable controllers are:

  • The flexibility of the system;
  • The ability to create arbitrary algorithms and fulfill any customer requirements;
  • The possibility of adapting the program on the starting-up and adjustment;
  • The customizable user interface;
  • The friendly menu with possibility of different submenus forming for different levels of access;
  • A fast access and operational control;
  • The high-qualified personnel for service isn’t required;
  • The controller resources optimum using;
  • A total number of system controller’s reduction.

Our controllers can solve any problems for management engineering systems of a building. The “TAC Xenta”-family of controllers allows using the advanced technical solutions in your projects: The Internet and Web technology, optical communication lines, management of the diversified equipment and many other things. All controllers have “LonMark®” certificate.

Our experts have corresponding certificates for such solutions and have the rights for such systems installation and maintenance. All applied equipment corresponds to the CIS countries national standards.